Support Non-Profits That Provide Training for Green-Collar Jobs

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If you're looking for a Green Cause that directly impacts the lives of people, consider supporting non-profits that provide training to at-risk or underprivledged individuals.  Take for example Homeboy Industries, located in Los Angeles.    They're funding the education of ex-convicts who have a desire to learn how to construct and install solar panels. 

Naturally, donations would be extremely helpful, but why not offer to volunteer your time or utilize the services provided by non-profits like Homeboy Industries? 

It's important to realize that Green Collar jobs are going to be incredibly important in the next several months as more jobs are lost to the economic recession - especially middle income jobs. 

If you have any recommendations of non-profits in your area who are providing training for Green Collar jobs, please post their information in the comments section. 

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